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A I  Island : - a good base to relax for a few days, in the sense that you can snorkel off the village (without chartering any boats of walking very far) which is not really possible in Bandaneira. This is nice because you don't need to worry about boats & can snorkel all through the day. The snorkeling is great there too! We heard good reports about Revenge 2, run by a guy who can speak a bit of English if you need it. A lot of people were staying at a place called "Green Coconut" on the west side of the jetty, but we didn't check it out. Ai is the best place to charter a boat to P.Run & P.Neilaka -Rp150,000 for a day trip. A DAY trip to P.Ai from P.Bandaneira costs about Rp200,000. Although the only public boats go early in the morning, it IS possible to return to P.Bandaneira from P.Ai later on - thought not guarenteed - if you a lucky & flag down a passing fishing boat!