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Carstensz Pyramid ( 50850 M )

 Trikora Mountain ( 4750 M )

 If we attempts to define exotic, then we may begin with Papua, Irian Jaya. For in the lush jungles of Baliem Valley we meet the  Dani tribesmen, our guides and friends, who were first introduced to the westerners in 1960’s. This perhaps the most interesting climb Alpine Ascents offers weaving a deeply influencing cultural experience with challenging rock climb.

Located in the western central highland, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain on the Oceanic continent. We arrive by charter flight where local Dani porters welcome us into their village and lead us through the exquisite  countryside. After crossing this wild terrain we encounter Carstensz in much the same way as the first Dutch explorer. As Papua or Irian Jaya has had relative western influence, the ‘

Stone Age’  Dani life style and rituals have able to do a somewhat authentic manner. One representation of Traditional culture is man their  dress as a women  are clothed in grass skirts and men in holism.  Unlike the other seven summits Carstensz is a rock climb of moderate difficult for short step but most of the climbing is scrambling). While all short technical will have fixed lines, climber should 

possess  basic rock climbing skills. Our Papua expedition proved to be fantastic all-around experience and each climb culms with 100% summit success.

****Jan Carstensz,  explorer who was the first European to sight the peak.


**** Heinrich Harre, the first Foreigner to reach the peak (1962). His book, I come from the Stone Age