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Morowali. Located in the remote eastern end of the province in the sub district of Bungku Utara, the reserve is a area of 160,000 ha. With mountains, lakes, forest and flood plains. 

Marowali Nature Reserve was visited by “Operation Drake”, a British expedition in 1979 duplicating the round-the-world voyage of Sir Francis Drake whose galleon “The Golden Hind” dropped anchor on one of the small offshore island in 1580.

Scientists connected with “Operation Drake” did a survey of the forest canopy, inventory of the plant life, animals and insects as well as marine biological research of the area. Five rivers flow through the reserve. The hinterland is mountainous and inhabited by the Wana tribe who practice shifting agriculture

The area is accessible By road , it is a 6 – 7 hours drive by car from Pendolo or Tentena to Kolonodale, a small port at the head of Tomori bay.  Kolonodale has a hotel but there is no accommodation available in the reserve except by courtesy of the coastal Bajo people or the Wana in the interior.   

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